Ashrei Ha'ish - Israel

Dance introduced by: Dani Dassa - 1982
Formation: Circle
Starting arm position: W-Position
Meter: 4/4
Steps used Left Yemenite, Right Yemenite, Cha-Cha Step
Other notes
Measure Count Step
Part I
1 &1-4 Facing center, do a very small bounce on L foot (&), step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), step on L foot behind R foot (3), step on R foot in place, (4).
2 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork.
3 1-4 Step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), sway onto L foot (3), sway onto R foot (4).
4 1-4 Step on L foot across R foot (1), step on R foot to R (2), step on L foot across R foot (3), hold (4).
5-6 Repeat measures 1-2.
7 1-4 Step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), step on L foot across R foot while letting go of hands and crossing arms in front of body (3), hold (4).
8 Repeat measure 7. On count 1 also extend arms out diagonally to the side.
9-16 Repeat measures 1-4.
Part II
1 1-4 Facing center, step on R foot to R while turning L to face RLOD (1), hold (2), step back on L foot (3), hold (4).
2 1-4 stepping RLR, turn over L shoulder (CCW), to face center (1-3), hold (4).
3 1-4 In four beats, do a Left Yemenite.
4 In four beats do a Right Yemenite.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction.
Part III
1 1-4 Facing center, extend R arm forward with R hand in front of face, place L hand behind back and do one Cha-Cha Step forward.
2 1-4 With R arm still extended, do another Cha-Cha step starting on the L foot (1-3), pivot L on L foot to face out of circle .
3 Repeat measure 1, heading out of circle.
4 1-4 Stepping LRL, make a semi-circle to the L and end up facing center (1-3), hold (4).
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4.
9 1-4 Facing center, rejoin hands in V-position and step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), close L foot to R foot (3), hold (4).

The dance goes through three times. After the third time, repeat Part III, then finish by repeating Part I, measure 1, step on L foot to L and close R foot to L foot.


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