At Va'ani - Israel

Dance introduced by: Danny Uziel - 1962
Formation: Circle
Starting arm position: W-Position
Meter: 4/4
Steps used Back Yemenite, Left Yemenite, Right Yemenite
Other notes
Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-4 Facing center, step on L foot to L (1), Brush R foot to the L and slightly forward. End with R leg lifted with bent knee just to the R of the L leg (2), Flex L knee down and up (3), Flex L knee down and up again (4).
2 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork and direction.
3 1-2 Bring arms down to V-Position and step diagonally L back on L foot (1), close R foot to L foot (&), step diagonally R forward on L foot, ending facing LOD (2), step slightly forward on R foot (&).
3-4 Step forward on L foot (3), step slightly forward on R foot (&), step forward on L foot (4).
4 1-2 Facing center do a Back Yemenite starting on the R foot (1&2). During these counts, swing arm backwards and forwards.
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 with opposite footwork.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4 with opposite footwork and direction
Part II
1 1-2 Step on L foot to L while spreading arms out to side (1), cross R foot in front L foot while crossing arms in front of body and snapping fingers (2)
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2
2 1-2 Make two step complete turn to the L, ending facing center (1 2)
3-4 Do a Left Yemenite. (3&4)
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2 with opposite footwork in opposite direction.



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