Baanopstekker - Netherlands

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Formation: Couples in a circle with W on M right. (Can also be done as a circle dance. This version is traditionally done by couples, but the partners don't have any formal interaction with each other). The couples or people who are primarily facing or have their backs to the music should be considered the end couples, the others are the side couples.
Starting arm position: If there are enough people or couples in the circle, everyone should hook elbows for Parts I and II. Otherwise use V-Position.
Meter: 4/4
Steps used Gallop Step
Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-4 Facing L, step forward on L foot (1), step forward on R foot (2), step forward on L foot (3), step forward on R foot (4).
2 Repeat measure 1. At the end of measure 2, turn to face to R.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2 in opposite direction. At the end of measure 4, turn to face center.
5 Repeat measure 1 going into center.
6 Step backwards on L foot (1), step backwards on R foot (2), step backwards on L foot (3), step backwards on R foot (4).
7-8 Repeat measures 5-6.
Part II
1 1-4 Side couples walk four steps towards center of circle (1-4, end couples walk in place or slightly backwards out of circle.
2 Repeat measure 1 in opposite direction.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2 with head and side couples switching parts.
Part III
1 1-4 Hop on R foot while touching L heel forward (1), leap onto L foot next to R foot (2), Hop on L foot while touching R heel forward (3), leap onto R foot next to L foot (4).
2 Repeat measure 1
3 1 {Gallop step sideways} Make a small leap on L foot to L (1), slide R foot to L (&).
2-4 Repeat count 1 three times.
4 Repeat measure 3.

Depending on number of couples and how far the gallop step goes, head and side couples may be different each time through the dance. Dancers must be alert.


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