Bal du Jugon - France

Dance introduced by: Germain Hébert
Formation: Couples in a circle facing LOD
Starting arm position: Varsouvienne
Meter: 2/4
Steps used Cha-Cha Step
Count Step
Part I
Upbeat Touch L heel diagonally L forward .
1-3 Touch L toe next to R toe (1), without letting go of hands, step L-R-L (2&3), turning clockwise individually to face RLOD. At the end, you will still be in varsouvienne position, but the W will be on the L of the M and the M L arm will be across the W shoulder instead of the R arm.
4 Repeat upbeat with opposite foot.
5-7 Repeat counts 1-3 with opposite footwork, turning counter-clockwise.
8-31 Repeat the upbeat and counts 1-7 three times.
Part II
Upbeat-1 Facing LOD, do one Cha-Cha step (Upbeat&1
2-3 Repeat upbeat and count 1 with opposite footwork.
4-29 Repeat upbeat - 3 six more times.
30-31 Step L in place, step R in place.



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