D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln - Germany

Note: According to Mario Herger, who runs a site about Austrian and German folk dancing,"...the dance 'D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln' does not orginate from Germany. Actually, no one in Germany knows this dance, it is also not listed in the German dance-archives."

According to Ron Houston of the Society of Folk Dance Historians, other possible countries of origin are Holland and Austria. (see Folk Dance Problem Solver - 1996

Sets of two couples, Man opposite man, woman opposite woman, no handhold. Meter 3/4

4 measure introduction
Count Step
Part I (Clapping)
1-3 Clap your waist (1), clap your chest (or shoulders, I have seen both variants) (2), clap your hands (3).
4-6 With the person standing opposite you, clap R hands (4), clap L hands (5), clap both hands (6).
7-48 Repeat counts 1-6 seven times.
Note Either the men or the women (traditionally the women) should do the sequence three beats off. That is, they should start clapping on beat 4, but should still start by clapping the thighs. The reason for this should be clear as this part goes on.
Part II
1-3 Join hands, face RLOD, step on R foot forward (1), hold (2), hop on R foot (3).
4-6 Repeat counts 1-3 with opposite footwork.
7-24 Repeat counts 1-6 three times.
25-48 Turn to face LOD and repeat counts 1-24.
Repeat Part I.
Repeat Part II, but join hands in a R hand star for counts 1-24 and a L hand star for measures 25-48.
Repeat Part I.
Traditionally, take partner and waltz until music ends or repeat Part II with all the dancers joined in one big circle.