Gay Gordons - Scotland

Couple dance, Varsouvienne position, Meter 2/4. Steps are the same for M and W unless specifically stated.

Measure Count Step
Part I
1 1-2 Step forward on L foot (1), step forward on R foot (2).
2 Repeat measure 1. While doing count 2, pivot clockwise to face RLOD.
3 1-2 Step backwards on L foot (1), step backwards on R foot (2).
4 Repeat measure 3.
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4 in opposite direction. This also means that the pivot is counter clockwise.
Part II
1 (M) 1-2 Drop L hands. {Two-Step} Step forward on L foot (1), close R foot to L foot (&), step forward on L (2), hold (&).
2 (M) Repeat measure 1 (M).
1-2 (W) Do two two-steps forward while making one turn clockwise.
3-4 Repeat measures 1-2. At the end get into ballroom position with M back to center of circle, W facing center of circle
5 [M and W have opposite footwork and direction for measures 5-8. Directions are given for M]. Step on L foot to L (1), close R foot to L foot (&), step on L foot to L (2), pivot clockwise (&)
6 Repeat measure 5 with opposite footwork and direction. This means you are still going in LOD and pivoting clockwise.
7-8 Repeat measures 5-6. At the end of measure 8, get back into varsouvienne position to repeat the dance.

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