Lesnoto - Macedonia

Line dance, W-position, meter 7/8, counted as SQQ, where S=3, Q=2.

Measure Count Step
1 SQQ Facing slightly to R, Step on R foot in LOD (S), lift L across R (Q), step on L across R (Q).
2 SQQ Facing center, step on R foot (S), lift L leg with bent knee and lift and lower R heel (Q), lift and lower R heel (Q).
3 Repeat measure 2 with opposite footwork and direction.

M would lift the legs higher and W would barely lift them, or not lift them at all. At a Kolo Festival in San Francisco (I forget the year), I remember hearing Dennis Boxell say that the M styling would only be used if there were separate lines of M and W. In a mixed group, both M and W would use the W styling.

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